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How to create social media ads that convert

Organic reach for business pages on social media is almost negligible and if there’s any platform offering higher organic reach, good days will come to an end. So, if you want to build a fan base for your personal or business brand on social media, you have to invest...

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3 LinkedIn key metrics that you should be tracking

LinkedIn offers you a number of Key Performance Indices (KPIs) for your profile that you should track to analyze your performance and effectiveness of your efforts on the very platform. Regardless of your profession & domain, these indices can help you leverage...

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Man Behind Rahulogy


I am Rahul Pandey, an engineer by education and a digital marketer by passion.

I help small business, startups, and individuals with creating or growing their presence on the digital landscape and acquire more consumers.

Till date, I’ve worked with several brands including personal brands and I can say that my efforts always show results.

If you are having a hard time with growing your brand on digital media, you can reach me through the contact page.


May I help you?

If you need help with digital marketing for your business or personal brand, feel free to reach me.

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