Apart from marketing, sales, and services, the essential thing to grow your business is networking. The more you focus on networking, more chances you will have to attract clients and consumers.

You must also understand that networking is more than just introducing ourselves; it’s about building credibility in your industry and establishing relationships with industry leaders, professionals, and consumers.

Attending industry events, conferences and parties can be a great way to meet new people, but 21st-century technologies made networking easier and effective.

There are tons of tools available to help you find potential people from any corner of the world and reach them easily through emails and calls.

6 best networking tools for every small business and startups.

In this article, I’ve put together my favorite tools I use and recommend others for business networking. And I think you should also know about these tools to leverage them for your business growth.

1. LinkedIn.

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is the first tool that comes to my mind. It is a tool that provides you a platform shared by successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and other executives of almost every industry.

So, if you want to connect with other professionals in your industry, LinkedIn is a must-have tool in your toolbox.

2. Sales Navigator for Gmail.

Sales Navigator is a premium browser plugin offered by LinkedIn which provides you rich LinkedIn profile data for your Gmail contacts without leaving the page.

You can use those data when you reach them next time with more knowledge about their business, profession, education, and skills. This way you can establish better communication and create a meaningful relationship with your contacts.

3. Facebook.

Facebook isn’t a professional networking platform, but it’s the most populated social site with over 800 million users. So, you can leverage this platform to connect with those who are not available on LinkedIn.

Also, Facebook offers you tools like Facebook Messenger, through which you can reach your contacts easily through video calls and text messages.

4. Meetup.

Meetup helps you reach people who share similar interest and passion by creating thriving communities around various topics. Basically, this tools helps you discover local meetups for all the things you love and reserve your seats to attend.

5. Opportunity.

Opportunity is a business networking tool that uses matchmaking algorithm to help you connect with professionals who might need what you can offer. Using this tool you can connect quickly with your sales leads, hiring managers, job candidates, and other potential professionals to establish relationships with them.

6. CoFoundersLab.

An important, yet a difficult task for entrepreneurs is to find right co-founder(s) or business partner(s) for their startups. This is where CoFoundersLab comes into play to help you connect and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs to turn your ideas into business.

Whether you are running a small business, startup or large firms, networking helps you find potential investors, co-founders, and clients who can help you grow your business in one or other ways.

So, leverage these tools to connect with people who share similar interest and are willing to work on such projects.

Do you use networking tools? If so, let us know the tools that helped you expand your business network via comments below.

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