With over 1 billion daily active users, creating Facebook page is becoming the most essential marketing tool for every form of businesses. It has become the best place for entrepreneurs, artists, brands, non-profit organizations and many more to reach their audience and potential customers online.

Facebook Page is a powerful marketing tool as it offers you one of the best platforms to reach your prospective consumers and audience to engage with them more easily than ever before.

And that’s why many brands and small businesses are solely relying on Facebook for their existence.

Facebook provides you lots of amazing features that helps you attract more targeted followers and if still you haven’t created Facebook page for your brand, you’re leaving lots of potential consumers on table.

I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of having Facebook page and that’s why you’re here for the guidance to create Facebook page to attract lots of targeted audience to hit like button on your page.

Well, you’re at right place and with right guy (me).

Anyone with a Facebook account can create Facebook page easily within a minute. However creating a Facebook page and creating amazing page are two different things. And in this blog, I’m going to take you all the way to create amazing Facebook page.

Best part of creating Facebook page is that you don’t have to be a programmer, marketing expert, designer or developer to create amazing Facebook page that motivates your target followers to hit like button on your page. You just need to be a Facebook user.

Alright, if you’re ready, let’s begin the journey.

Step by step guide to create Facebook page.

To begin, you need to head over to tab which says “Pages” under Explore in left side bar of your Facebook homepage and then click on the “Create Page” tab. Or you can directly click here for the same.

Now, follow these steps.

Step 1: Choose a suitable page type.

Now, the page will present you 6 different pages types from which you need to choose the most suitable one for your business.

Selecting the proper page type will make sure you reach your target audience and even provide relevant options the type of business you have.

These are the 6 page types offered by Facebook:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

After selecting the page type, you’ll be asked to choose a category and enter an official name for your business.

For example, if you’re going to create a page for yourself then choose type – “Artist, Band or Public Figure” and select your profession from the drop-down. Then enter your official name in the text box, which will be shown to your followers. Finally click on “Get Started” button.

Choose page type to create Facebook page

Showcase of Facebook page types

Step 2: Upload an appropriate Profile Picture.

Next you’ll be directed to your Facebook page, where you’ll need to make some setting and add some information.

First of all, add a profile picture by clicking on the camera icon on the profile picture space and select upload photo from the drop down.

This picture will serve as the main visual icon of your page which will appear alongside comments you publish and on search results. So make sure the photo you use reflects your brand, because the more people will see, the more they’ll recognize and associate with your brand.

The recommended size for profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels. However any square size picture will fit into the space.

Step 3: Add an attractive cover photo.

Facebook cover photo is one of the first thing people will see when they visit your Facebook page. It is large and horizontal image that covers the top of your page and that’s why it is so important to make the best first impression in visitors’ mind and motivate them to like your page.

With latest updates from Facebook, you can also use a video instead of a static cover photo. Video can play a vital role in telling a longer story and sharing more about yourself and your business, which is not possible with static photos.

Buffer has made a great study on the dimension of Facebook cover photo. Here are the specifications for cover photo recommended by them:

  • Static photo and video should be 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall.
  • Video can be 20 to 90 seconds long.

You can include marketing message in your cover photo, but make sure to follow Facebook guidelines related to cover photo.

You can click on the image below to visit my Facebook page.


RAHULOGY Facebook page cover photo

Step 4:  Provide complete details in About section.

Your Facebook page includes an about section which you can access from the “About” tab in left side-bar. Click on the “edit page info” in the top right corner to add details and contents.

Make sure you provide all the information about what you and your company offer to your audience, so that they instantly find whether your page matters to them or not. And if you can convey your message to them, they’ll most probably like your page.

You should fill in as much basic information as you can to tell your story and answer these visitors’ query:

  1. What your business is about?
  2. Where you’re located?
  3. How to get in touch with you and your company?

Also it’s extremely important that you include your social accounts and website under contact details in about section.

All this information appears in the About section that visitors can see when they click on the about tab on your Facebook page. So make sure if someone clicks on this tab, they find as much information as possible.

Step 5: Add Call to action (CTA) button:

Calls to action or CTA button help you drive your page visitors from Facebook to take actions that are important to your business (ex: Visit your website, Subscribe for newsletters).

Facebook offers you 5 types of call to action button. These are:

  • Book services
  • Get in touch
  • Learn more
  • Make a purchase or donation
  • Download app or game

Choose the best type of call to action button that suits your business because each call to action plays an important role and should be used wisely to ensure this does not hamper the visitor journey.

You can add a call- to-action button to your Page at no cost in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on button which says “+ Add a Button” below the cover photo.
  2. Choose the button you want to add to your Page and where you’d like to send people when they click on it.
  3. Add a website link or anything being asked.

Step 6: Choose a suitable page template.

Facebook offers you different templates for different type of pages. So choose the best option available for your page type.

To change your Facebook page template, follow this step:

  • Click on the settings in top navigation bar.
  • Select option which says “Edit Page” from the left side vertical bar.
  • Click on edit button under Templates to view your template options.

Now, a window will pop up with following 6 template options:

  1. Standard
  2. Professional Services
  3. Venues
  4. Gaming
  5. Politicians
  6. Restaurants & Cafes

Choose the most appropriate template that defines your business and click on “View Details” in respective template. Then click on “Apply Template” to change to apply.

However, you might not see much difference in look and feel of you Facebook page as the template mainly arrange the position of primary tabs.

Step 7: Post some quality contents

Now it’s time to share some quality contents and populate your page wall with varied visuals and text posts.

While posting on your page, just be sure to use variety of useful, meaningful and interesting contents that your target audience would like to see and engage.

Facebook currently offers you ten different posting options:

  1. Plain text status
  2. Photo & Video with caption
  3. Link with caption
  4. Get sign-ups
  5. Get Phone calls
  6. Get Messages
  7. Create an event
  8. Create an offer
  9. Write a note
  10. Create a Product

Now it’s up to you that how strategically you use these posting options to boost your marketing effort and to engage with your target audience.

You can also move one of your posts to the top of your Page’s Timeline by clicking on the little grey arrow icon in the top-right corner of each post and then click “Pin to top of page” from the drop down. Use this feature for some major announcements like product launch, events organized… many more.

Remember, a page without useful and interesting contents for its target audience is one that no one will like. So keep sharing interesting contents constantly to keep your audience engage with you and your brand.

Step 8: Invite your Facebook friends to like your page.

Once there are contents on the page, invite your Facebook friends to like your page and encourage them to engage. This is a great way to start building a following and engagement on your posts.

Use Facebook messenger, email and other mode of communication to invite your friends to like your page and also motivate them to like, comment and share your posts. If you’ve really supporting environment then you can also encourage your friends and relative to invite their Facebook friends to like your page. In this way you can have enough followers without any expenses on ads.

Step 9: Promote your page.

With contents published and some activities on your page, your target audience will be more interested to engage with your page.

And now time came to invite more followers from outside your network and reach more people to expand your network, now it’s time to promote your page.

You can use Facebook social plugins on your website or blog to enable your readers to like your Facebook page directly from the website. Even there are also plugins that will show your Facebook page updates on your website.

So make use of these plugins effectively and motivate your readers to like your Facebook page for more updates.


Facebook page is one of the most powerful marketing tools and that’s why most of the small businesses rely completely on it to outreach their prospective consumers.

There are over 60 million Facebook business pages worldwide and more than 50% of them ended with nothing more than thousands of likes and handful of engagements. So to stand out of this crowd you need to be creative and strategic regarding your contents for which you’ve to constantly observe the behavior and interest of your followers.

So what about you? How do you make your Facebook page more attractive and engaging? Do you have any tips or suggestions on what make a page amazing?

Please share with us in the comment below.

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