A student’s handbook to leverage LinkedIn for better career opportunities.

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Table Of Content

Why you should join LinkedIn?

To leverage LinkedIn, you need reasons. In this chapter, you will discover some powerful reasons to join LinkedIn as a student.

Create compelling student profile

To leverage LinkedIn, you need a compelling and attention-grabbing profile. In this chapter, I’ll walk you through each section of your profile and share best practices to fill them.

Develop compelling summary

LinkedIn Summary is one of the most important section of your LinkedIn profile. In this chapter, you’ll find the best tips and practices to craft a professional summary.

Endorsements & Recommendations

Getting Endorsements on your skills and recommendation on your profile helps. In this chapter, you’ll find how.

Build high-quality network

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. In this chapter, you’ll discover practices to build a high-quality network.

A Message from Author

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform but it doesn’t mean that students can’t leverage it.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals.

So, as a student, if you ever wished to be known or recognized in your industry for your skills, start building a network from now.

Leverage LinkedIn to connect and communicate with experienced professionals in the industry.

I hope, this ebook will help you leverage the power of LinkedIn to succeed.


Rahul Pandey

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