Do you want to increase awareness about your business on LinkedIn?

Then, LinkedIn company page can be a great way for you to tell your company’s story, showcase your products and services.

It also allows you to engage with followers, share updates and even recruit the best candidates for the job.

With over 13 million company pages from more than 200 countries worldwide, LinkedIn can be a powerful platform for you to connect with companies from your niche for the future business.

But, the question is how you can make your company page stand unique and effective among other pages?

Well, my answer will be – regularly optimize your company page with latest updates. Never let the information on your page outdated.

So, in this article, I’ll share 5 basic tips to attract followers and improve engagement on your LinkedIn company page. These tips are completely actionable and hassle-free.

Just keep reading till the end and make changes on your page simultaneously on another tab.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

1. Update Cover Image.

The cover image is one of the first things that grab the attention of your visitors and pique their excitement to know more about the company.

So your cover image must be visually appealing that can leave an impression about your company’s vision, mission and culture on visitor’s mind.

HubSpot LinkedIn Company Page

HubSpot Cover Image on LinkedIn Company Page

Like HubSpot, you can use a group image that reflects the working culture and lifestyle of employees at your company. By doing so, you’ll attract best talents to apply for job opportunities at your company.

Basically, your cover image should be an attention grabber that can encourage the visitors to scroll down to know more about the company, job opportunities, and lifestyle.

2. Enrich the company description with the latest accomplishments.

If someone is going to scroll down to read more about your company, it is your responsibility to not to kill their time with outdated information.

Company description of Microsoft on LinkedIn company page

Company description of Microsoft on the LinkedIn company page

Whether you recently hosted a widely popular event, launched a new product or honored by awards, just include any recent achievement added to your company name that makes you proud to share with the world.

By doing so, you let your readers know more about your company and even attracts potential professionals to join your company.

Also, while creating your company description, make sure it is enriched with keywords related to your niche. It increases the possibilities of ranking higher in search results for specific keywords.

3. Add showcase pages.

If you’re doing business in various fields with different company/brand names, then creating LinkedIn company pages for each of your products and services is not a good practice. It can create a hassle for you to handle.

Instead of doing so, you can centralize each of your child companies or brands around a single LinkedIn company page using showcase page extension. It’s free.

Showcase pages of LinkedIn on company page

Showcase pages of LinkedIn on the company page

Under the overview tab, showcase pages can be a great way to spotlight your brands, business units, and initiatives. It allows you to manage your showcase pages right from your LinkedIn company page without any hassle.

By adding showcase pages to your page, you let your visitors know about your other brands and social initiative going around the world. Thus, attracts your brand followers and other interested professionals to join your company.

Also, make sure you arrange the showcase pages in such a way that the most popular brands are on the top of the list.

If you want to dive deeper into showcase pages, I recommend you to read this article by HubSpot – A Beginner’s guide to LinkedIn showcase pages.

4. Add company locations.

If your company provides services at multiple locations, make sure you add each location on your company page.

LinkedIn offers you the ability to add locations for your company, so if you’ve office at multiple locations, you must include each of them in your company page.

Add locations on your LinkedIn Company page

Add locations form

It increases the probability of your visibility in search results when professional searches for the service provider near their location.

So make sure you take advantage of this feature and increase exposure of your business among your nearby potential market.

5. Add career pages.

Career pages are the premium features offered by LinkedIn. It consists of the Jobs tab and Life tab beside the overview tab on your company page.

Jobs & Life tabs on LinkedIn Company Page

Jobs & Life tabs on LinkedIn Company Page

A career page allows you to attract best talents to your company and build your employer brand by spotlighting your company culture and job opportunities on the page.

The Jobs tab shows personalized job recommendations and insights to the visitors while the Life tab provides a preview of culture and lifestyle at your company.

By enhancing your LinkedIn company page with career pages, you let your visitors know inside story of your company which establishes a relationship and build credibility.

Words of advice If you’re running a small business with a low marketing budget, I won’t recommend you to add this feature to your page, instead focus on rest of the above tips and grow followership for your company.

Wrapping up

LinkedIn company page is a top-notch platform to reach your market audience organically. It is one of the best professional networking platforms to attract best talents to your company.

So you must be aware of the basic features of your LinkedIn company page that most of the marketers overlook. Sometimes little changes can make big differences, so why don’t you first take advantage of basic features then take your next move for the premium ones.

Here’s a checklist of 5 basic tips you may need to implement to optimize your LinkedIn company page for better performance.

  1. Update cover image.
  2. Enrich the company description with latest accomplishments.
  3. Add showcase pages.
  4. Add company locations.
  5. Add career pages.

Now, it’s your turn to make required changes on your LinkedIn company page and boost your organic reach and engagement.

Once you’ve optimized your LinkedIn company page, why not optimize your personal LinkedIn profile too. I recommend you to read this blog – 7 powerful tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile.


So which tips you’re going to implement on your LinkedIn company page to grow your follower base? Do let us know via comments.

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