As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, there’s always a time comes when things go beyond your capability and you need a strong team to run the business smoothly.

Hence, you’ll have to hire best talents to build a team that will help you in the process of growth. But recruiting or hiring a candidate for the job is a great responsibility as the future of the business will depend on their potential.

So, as an entrepreneur, you must possess few traits of recruiters that can help you find best talents wandering among the crowd of thousands.

10 traits of great recruiters that an entrepreneur should possess –

In this article, I’m going to list all the traits that a businessman or an entrepreneur should possess or develop in order to find potential candidates to create a team that will help you run the business.

1. Confidence.

Being a recruiter means to involve in a lot of interaction with job seekers, clients, and business personalities, so confidence is what makes your communication smooth and fruitful.

As a recruiter, you must be confident about the service your company provides and the opportunity that you’re going to provide to the job seeker.

2. Patience.

It is the utmost quality any recruiter should possess because sometimes things don’t go as scheduled or planned. You might have to interview hundreds of candidates for one vacancy, but still, you need to keep patience till you interview the last candidate, who knows the last one can be the best among rest.

3. Active Listening.

It is important to be an active listener because the more you listen, the more you’ll understand the candidates’ skills and ability. This way you’ll be able to assign the most suitable role to them.

Also, if you’re recruiting for your client, active listening will help you know their requirement and thus you can find the best talent that matches the role they need to fill.

4. Excellent Communication Skills.

Being a recruiter means to stay in the loop with the candidate and the client and make regular updates on what you’re up to.

No matter how you communicate via phone call, email or face to face, you must have to be master at communication by all mean.As a recruiter, you must adapt yourself depending on the situations. Sometimes things might not go as planned so you must be flexible with your plan in order to go with the flow.

6.  Good Networking skill.

As a recruiter, you must be good at networking as you’ll have to interact with people from various regions with different cultures. So being a recruiter you must understand their problems and make them feel comfortable by building a communicative relationship with them.

7. Talent Hunting.

A recruiter must possess skills alike hunters to find the best talents wandering all around the globe. There are a number of websites and tools that can help you find the best talent for the job, but all depends on how you use these tools.

If you think talents will find you for the job, perhaps you need to change your mindset because someone using search engines, social media and attending events will find them sooner and offer them the opportunity they deserve.

8. Technical understanding.

As a recruiter, you should have the technical understanding as this will help you maintain the database of candidates and clients. Most importantly, having basic technical knowledge will help you find more information about the candidate by making Boolean searches on internet

9. Body Language Interpretation.

Body language speaks a lot more than the words do. So as a recruiter, you must be able to interpret the body language of the candidate you’re interviewing. This way you can feel how comfortable the candidates are and what is going on in their mind.

10. Sales Skill.

This is the most common and essential skill in almost every aspect of the business. And as a recruiter, you have to sell the opportunities to the candidate by making them feel how a particular opportunity is not just a great opportunity, but a lifetime golden opportunity that they should not miss.

Now it’s your turn to find which trait you possess and which you need to develop in order to build a strong team working for the success of your business.

If you think I might have missed some essential traits, feel free to speak your mind in the comment box. Also, if you liked the post, please do share it with your friends and colleagues.


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