Best Retargeting Tools to Run Successful Remarketing Campaigns

We all work on creating aggressive ad campaigns and using tools to monitor our website visitors, and you must have seen that over 95% of first-time visitors leave the website without submitting an email address, downloading, or purchasing anything.

And this is where the concept of retargeting comes into the picture. An effective retargeting strategy ensures that you reach those potential customers again at the right time on the right platform with the right message. 

A remarketing strategy can bring massive conversion for your business. In fact, a study shows that retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert to a website compared to those who aren’t targeted for the second time.

Now, if you are here, it is possible that you already know the impact of remarketing and retargeting campaigns for your business.

So, if you are looking for the best retargeting tool for your marketing campaigns, I have compiled a complete list of the retargeting tools to help you take your remarketing campaigns to an all-new level –

  1. ReTargeter
  2. Fixel
  3. SmarterHQ
  4. Clickmeter
  5. Perfect Audience
  6. AdRoll

Now, let’s know these tools in detail.

1. ReTargeter – Most Advanced Retargeting Tool

To effectively retarget your audience and bring the most out of conversions, Retargeter is the best choice which offers a complete set of display advertising and retargeting methodologies to bring your potential customers back to you.

Retargeter is a top-notch specialist in providing services related to audience targeting, and real-time bidding which eases your efforts. Retargeter can effectively retarget your website, and visitors, allowing you to use your CRM data to serve relevant display ads to your customers.

This powerful tool also allows you to build your own bid evaluation models that come with an amazing set of features to accomplish your business needs and goals.

Retargeter is highly suitable for all industries like B2B, Travel, Entertainment, Software, Real-Estate, Transportation, etc.

Feature Highlights:

  • Retargeting allows you to focus on your customers based on their keyword search.
  • You can also target your audience using their demographic, behavior, and interest-based data, location-based, etc.
  • This tool also offers you to show the most relevant ads that cater according to each user’s preferences with the help of a dynamic creative optimization technique.
  • Retargeter also offers advanced audience segmentation features that involve predictive user scoring, where a score is applied to your users based on their actions. You can segment your users based on various attributes like page view, scroll depth, and other metrics that you can track.
  • This tool also helps you to devise retargeting campaigns based on keyword searches and lookalike audiences.

2. Fixel – AI-based Audience Segmentation Platform

Fixel is a powerful, AI-based audience segmentation that ranks your website visitors based on their engagement level. It uses machine learning techniques to deeply analyze which visitors favorably interact with your website and grabs them to give you the best of retargeting.

I personally find this feature of Fixel to be interesting. In order to collect the first-party website data, it is absolutely not necessary to enable cookies which act as a huge bonus in collecting targeted audiences. 

Fixel allows you to remove your most under-performed and low-valued keywords which helps in enriching your campaign performances. This tool is also suitable for campaign managers at B2C companies.

Feature Highlights:

  • Fixel allows you to revamp your audience targeting by making you ideally focus on those users who matter to you the most.
  • You can also create lookalike audiences based on frequently engaged users on your website.
  • Fixel integrates with key ad platforms like Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, and also with other content management and data management platforms like WordPress, Shopify, BlueKai, etc.
  • The fixel snippet can be instantly added to your website and does not require any tweaks.
  • You can turbocharge your retargeting efforts by adding your audience group to both existing and new campaigns.

3. SmarterHQ Best Cross-channel Retargeting Tool

SmarterHQ is the most popular retargeting tool which focuses on behavioral segmentation and offers highly personalized features and services to retarget your ideal customers. 

SmarterHQ is trusted by big reputed brands like Bloomingdales, Sam’s Club, etc, and provides a unique cross-channel experience that helps pull your customers back to you in a powerful way.

The key feature of this tool is offering personalized content depending on the user’s behavior. It also integrates with more than 25 robust platforms like Oracle, Marketo, Mailchimp, etc.

Feature Highlights:

  • Fixel allows you to automate your personalized marketing campaigns delivered strongly across various multi-channels, which helps deliver powerful content to your audiences.
  • You can collect all of your customer’s data like email addresses and segment their data using filters, which brings you even closer to delivering targeted campaigns.
  • Fixel retargets your customers by showing your products, catalogs, and wishlists and lets you show product recommendations.
  • You can manage your retargeting campaigns in a productive way by using Fixel’s campaign management tools which prevent you from sending excess messages to cross-channel customers.
  • Fixel allows you to precisely understand your customer data and predict their behavior based on past and future activity.

4. Clickmeter – Link-based Retargeting Tool

Clickmeter is a unique retargeting tool on the list. As the name suggests, Clickmeter provides all the features and functionalities that help track and optimize your marketing links to skyrocket your conversion rates.

Many companies trust Clickmeter, and if you are an affiliate marketer, running agencies, advertisers, or publishers, I would highly recommend this tool to you.

For affiliate marketers, this tool helps in exploding your commission rates by offering affiliate tracking tools that are very easy to set up. It provides real-time, in-depth reports so that you can readily monitor your performance.

Feature Highlights:

  • You can create your tracking link and place it in your ads and get a detailed analysis of how your links have performed.
  • Clickmeter offers you a tracking pixel to track all your website users’ information and use it for your conversion optimization.
  • If you use Clickmeter for your agency, you can monitor your client’s campaigns, and track all the conversions so that you can improvise it for next time.
  • It helps affiliate marketers to conceal and protect their destination URL, commission codes, and list of keywords.
  • You can use advanced redirecting options provided by Clickmeter if you are an advertiser. 
  • Clickmeter allows you to retarget users based on their location by creating geo-targeting tracking links.

5. Perfect Audience – Powerful Multi-channel Retargeting Tool

Perfect Audience is a prominent retargeting tool that allows marketers to optimize their retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and the web. This tool is the ideal match for you if you want to grow your business using robust remarketing techniques.

If you have a Hubspot account and want to use retargeting features, you can instantly connect with Perfect Audience, which scans your landing pages and pulls out the list of audiences to retarget, and the list is kept up-to-date.

This tool prevents opacity and provides a precise, transparent analysis of which of the ad platforms your campaigns outperform so that you can maximize conversions.

Feature Highlights:

  • Perfect Audience also has access to other renowned ad platforms like OpenX, Rubicon, PubMatic, etc.
  • You can retarget your customers on Twitter, which supports both desktop and mobile versions.
  • If you run an eCommerce store on Shopify, you can connect your store to a Perfect Audience, which creates dynamic ads that are highly relevant for your customers.
  • You can create your profile on this tool. If you have any marketing partnerships or know marketers, you can invite them to connect on this platform. This will help you open doors for new endorsements with your peer groups.
  • Perfect Audience has partnered with top mobile ad publishers like Mopub, and Smaato so that you can advertise on these platforms and reach more potential customers.

6. AdRoll – Best Retargeting Tool for eCommerce

If you want to ideally sour up your eCommerce business and thrive it to a splendid level, then AdRoll is your supreme best-to-go tool. AdRoll has access to a majority of renowned web and social platforms, so you can quickly boost your retargeting efforts and earn more bucks.

AdRoll offers advanced funnel measurement features that give you an extensive view of your campaigns’ long and short-term impact with which you can craft flawless strategies.

AdRoll’s AI-powered algorithms help increase the checkout rates for your products by sending highly personalized emails and ads to your customers, instantly increasing the purchasing rates.

Feature Highlights:

  • AdRoll brings high brand value to your businesses by sending highly personalized emails and displaying intelligent product recommendations. 
  • By integrating your ecommerce store with AdRoll, you can launch successful multi-channel campaigns and display only products that your customers would be willing to purchase.
  • AdRoll offers advanced audience targeting features like demographic targeting, interest targeting, lookalike targeting, etc.
  • You can retarget your customers using display ads and capture their attention via dynamic ads and create personalized ads across all devices.
  • AdRoll also displays the top-clicked and most viewed products with which customers can make proper purchasing decisions.

Choose the best retargeting tool to boost your online sales

Retargeting is one of my favorite marketing strategies for businesses of all kinds. You can use it for lead generation, lead nurturing, and even for upselling and reselling.

All the retargeting tools in the list are best in their own way, and the right tool for you ultimately depends on what type of remarketing campaign you want to run.

In the article, I tried to highlight which tool is best for which type of business. So, I hope you have identified your retargeting tool.

Almost for every marketing platform, retargeting is one of the most effective strategies for lead generation and marketing. Here are a few hand-picked articles in which I have shared effective retargeting strategies –

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