How To Become A Digital Marketer (Self-Taught )

One of my favorite rule of marketing is to market your products or services where your audiences are already available.

And in the 21st century, it doesn’t matter in which industry you’re in and where prospective consumers are available on the internet. Agree?

So it’s evident that the Internet is the platform where almost every small or big brand is fighting its own battle to acquire more consumers.

This is where businesses need digital marketers as their warriors to help them win the battle by communicating with target audiences through digital platforms.

And the best part is, YOU can be that warrior, a digital marketer.

In this article, I will walk you through 5 steps to becoming a digital marketer without joining any certification program.

5 steps to becoming a digital marketer

Various institutes are offering certification programs for digital marketing. So, is it essential to enroll in such institutes to become a digital marketer? A big NO.

Certification programs can just help you learn various concepts of digital marketing. But to become a digital marketer, you have to practice it yourself.

So, why waste money by enrolling in such programs. Instead, invest the same amount in learning it yourself by practicing as a digital marketer from scratch.

So, if you’ve opted to become a digital marketer, let’s begin from the first step.

1. Read, watch and learn.

The best way to get started in digital marketing is to prepare yourself with basic knowledge before investing your time, money, and energy.

I’ve spent thousands of hours reading books and blogs to understand the basic and advanced concepts of digital marketing. I’m still learning from the industry leaders like Neil Patel.

And this is what you need to do too. Even better than this.

If you don’t like to read, you can opt for video tutorials offered by Google and HubSpot Academy for free of cost.

This way, you’ll see if you’re really interested in pursuing this as a career or not. Once you find yourself comfortable with it, go ahead with the next step.

2. Build your own website.

Before promising others that you’ll give them the best ROI for their investment in digital marketing, be brave enough to put your own money at stake first.

By saying this, I meant to invest your money in building your own website first and get the best return out of it.

And in the form of return, you will learn what it takes to build a website. Also, you may get basic ideas for designing and optimizing a website for search engines.

A website is an important part of digital marketing because this is where you’ll have to drive traffic from other sources. So, learn to build and grow it.

3. Create business profiles on social media.

After creating your website, you need to make people aware of it. So that interested people can visit to learn.

And for that, what’s better than social media, right?

But, it doesn’t mean that you create your business profile on every social platform. It’s not at all a good practice.

You’ve to choose your website’s niche and accordingly pick at most two social sites where audiences from your niche are available and looking for content like yours.

This way you’ll understand how to choose the best platform for brands because spreading all around the web isn’t a good idea.

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4. Try paid advertisements to drive traffic.

Paid advertisements aren’t as easy as it sounds, and you can understand this only if you start doing it.

You have to consider lots of factors while creating sponsored ads so that it reaches the right audience at the right time and converts them into leads.

So, invest some amount in paid advertisements and try to drive traffic to your website. This way, you’ll understand how paid advertising works and how much effort you need to get desirable results.

5. Analyze the traffic to your website & social profiles.

You’ve created your website, social business profiles, and even tried paid advertisements to drive traffic to your website.

Now, the most important thing is to measure the result of your efforts, and for that, you’ve to analyze the traffic to your website and social profiles.

By doing so, you’ll get various data and information about your visitors and followers, which will help you understand different aspects of your target audience.

This way, you’ll understand how vital analytics is and what difference you can make using these data.

Ready to be a Digital Marketing Expert?

Digital marketing is a vast concept, and it keeps growing as technology evolves. So, there will always be room to learn and integrate into your marketing strategies but these four steps will help you learn the most vital concepts of digital marketing.

No matter how much technology evolves, in marketing you’ve to communicate with your target audience effectively to make sales. And above-mentioned steps will help you get such results.

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