8 Best AI Writing Software (Paid & Free)

When you have to produce high-quality content constantly, at some point, the process may seem daunting and challenging. It also pains a lot if you stare at a blank document for a long time. 

But with AI Writing Software, you don’t have to experience this. Programmed with high-end models and natural language processing, a good AI writing software understands your requirements and can deliver top-notch content within seconds. 

So whether you want to create persuasive copies, emails, blog posts, headlines, or just proofread your content, AI writing software can help you create high-quality and error-free content and save you a lot of time.

In this article, I have reviewed and ranked some of the best AI writing software that you can consider for yourself.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Jasper – All-in-One AI Writing Software

Jasper is the best AI Writing software that high-end experts have trained to write emotional persuasive copy. You can create compelling product descriptions, creative stories, Facebook ad headlines, video scripts, improvise existing content, and other 40+ categories to create great content.

By shifting to its Boss mode, you can effortlessly work on generating unique long-form content like blog posts, reports, emails, and many more. You just have to tell Jasper what you want, and it generates attractive and 100% plagiarism-free content at a 5X speed. 

In addition to this, you can also translate your content into 20+ different languages and dialects to drive global customers. In this way, you can amplify the reach of your content which leads to a better user experience. 

Overall, Jasper is the perfect solution if you’re a marketer looking for the best AI writing software tool to create highly unmatchable and personalized content.

Key Features –

  • Switch between projects and manage various clients 
  • Access pre-built workflows that contain Jasper commands to create content using a repeatable process 
  • Surfer SEO Integration to write highly optimized content
  • Over 11000 free fonts and 2500 categories for writing styles

Pricing Plans – Jasper offers a 5-day free trial with a 10,000 words limit. It has two pricing plans based on the number of words/month, which are as follows –

  • Starter Plan – starts at $29/month – 20,000 words, short copywriting, unlimited account user logins, 50+ templates, 20+ languages, and team support
  • Boss Mode Plan – starts at $59/month – 50,000 words, long content, plagiarism checker, SEO mode, recipes, and other starter plan features.

2. INK Editor – Best AI Writing Software for Content Writers 

Having trusted by the world’s renowned brands like Shopify, Hubspot, Google, and Amazon, INK Editor was founded by leaders of search marketing optimization. 

So undoubtedly, it helps in producing great content by leveraging 175 billion machine learning parameters to bring fresh ideas to your fingertips.

The main motto of INK Editor is to “Communicate with Purpose.” Keeping that in mind, it assists you by delivering the exact words needed to create credible content. Besides, it rephrases the sentences within a single click. That’s where it fuels innovation and creativity to the fullest!

INK is one of the fewest AI writing software that strives to rank your content on Page 1 of Google. This is possible as it has a Patented AI Algorithm that analyses what your competitors do and their success factors and gives you ideas to outperform them. 

One outstanding aspect of INK AI is discovering the emotions that drive people to click on your headlines and interact with your topic. With this, you can sell more with your content by directly tapping into your audience’s mindset. 

Thus, INK Editor is a superior tool that blends the power of AI Writing, Paraphrasing, and SEO to produce surpassing content to boost your revenue. 

Key Features –

  • 50+ AI Copywriting tools 
  • Write unique content for social media, website copy, email, blog content, eCommerce, etc.
  • Produces semantic research from the best content, so you need to start from scratch 
  • Easy-to-use and flexible editor
  • Meta Optimization 
  • Access to content readability score 

Pricing Plans – INK Editor has a free plan that allows for 22 sentence rewrites/day, 50+ AI Copywriting tools, and 3 SEO keywords/month. The paid plans are as follows –

  • Starter Plan – $22/month – 50+ writing tools, Google Chrome extension, unlimited sentence rewrites, access to new features, short & expand rewrites, and many more
  • Pro SEO Plan – $55/month – All Starter plan features plus SEO Keywords, headline & content optimizer, priority support 
  • Team SEO Unlimited Plan – $222/month – All Pro plan features plus team management, 3 user logins, customer success manager

3. Rytr – Powerful AI Writing Assistant Software

Rytr is a free AI Writing Assistant tool that produces top-grade content based on 30+ use cases in your preferred language and 20+ tones of voice. 

Some of the use cases include blog ideas, brand names, business idea pitches, convertible CTAs, email, AIDA copy, caption ideas, landing page copies, engaging responses to reviews, etc. 

Upon selecting the use case, you can give your input, and the Ryter instantly generates ingenious and novel content. You’re also allowed to edit and format the content as per your writing standards. 

Even though AI produces unique content, sometimes it might sound monotonous to you or can be made better. In such cases, you can click “reword” or “shorten,” and it automatically converts the dull sentence into a highly fascinating one. 

With Rytr’s intuitive and rich editor, you can hassle-free craft your perfect master copy. It is fast, mobile responsive, and produces legit content which can be further expanded or improvised to present additional details based on your requirements. 

Key Features –

  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Store and organize projects in one place with a folder structure
  • SEO Analyser to find the target keywords
  • Rytr API to integrate with your existing apps 

Pricing Plans – Rytr has a Free plan, allowing up to 5000 characters/month and gives access to 30+ use cases, 20+ tones, 25+ languages, and the plagiarism checker. 

It has 3 paid plans based on the number of characters per month with access to all the features in every pricing plan –

  • Saver Plan – $9/month – Upto 50k characters/month, access to the premium community, create custom use cases, and other free plan features.
  • Unlimited Plan – $29/month – Unlimited characters/month, priority support, and all Saver plan features

4. Copysmith – Best AI Copywriting Software for eCommerce

Copysmith is an AI copywriting assistant that empowers eCommerce owners, marketing teams, and agencies. Whether you need to generate actionable blog topics, product descriptions for growing SKUs, content enhancement, or whatever, this AI writing assistant will help accelerate your marketing potential.

The best part is that it offers a campaign builder that lets you run CRO-focused campaigns. Pick a relevant template, and within minutes you can generate brand new descriptions, Facebook posts, and Google ads to gather high-quality leads for your business. 

When your eCommerce business starts expanding significantly, the level of content usage will also be higher. So to save your time, it facilitates bulk generation. As a result, you never have to upload a single file and wait for hours; instead, sit back, relax and plan on brainstorming ideas for the future. 

Key Features –

  • Powerful team management 
  • Generate product descriptions in bulk
  • Integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, Frase, Google Ads, Google, and Microsoft docs
  • Built-in plagiarism checker

Pricing Plans – Copysmith offers a 7-day free trial with access to all its features so that you can test the platform and decide on one of the 3 pricing plans – 

  • Starter Plan – $19/month – Integrations, in-app support, Campaign builder, 20 plagiarism checks, 50 monthly credits, personalized copy, 2 team members. 50 SKUs/files for bulk product description & content generation
  • Pro Plan – $59/month – 100 plagiarism checks, 100 SKUs/files for bulk product description & content generation, 400 monthly credits, 5 team members 
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing – Unlimited SKUs, files for bulk generation, custom templates, bulk import & export, and all other Pro plan features

5. Grammarly – Best AI Writing Assitant for Proofreading

You might spend days or weeks producing high-quality content, but what if it has grammatical errors and mistakes? It will ruin your hard work and create a poor impression on your target audience.

This is where Grammarly understands the painstaking efforts of writers and helps in auto-correcting their mistakes via its AI-powered tool. As you write continuously, it highlights all the contextual errors in a dark red line, so you can immediately resolve them without a second thought. 

You can integrate Grammarly’s browser plugin across your doc, projects, emails, social media, and wherever you write across the web. It also checks for punctuations and misspelled words in multiple languages like the US, UK, and Australian English. 

Besides, it provides suggestions for improving vocabulary, optimizes content delivery, identifies repetitive passages, and rewrites them with flavors of creativity. 

So it’s just an all-in-one AI writing assistant that can do wonders in transforming your content from average to an excellent one. 

Key Features –

  • Checks for consistencies and fluencies in your content
  • Helps in formatting for good readability 
  • Ensures that you use respectful words 
  • Available on desktop, browser, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Uses advanced AI and NLP to analyze your content
  • Plagiarism detection 
  • Eliminates unnecessary qualifiers to sound more confident

Pricing Plans – You can use Grammarly’s Free plan to get basic writing suggestions like eliminating spelling errors, grammar, and punctuationsHowever, to access its advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to its paid pricing plans – 

  • Premium Plan – $12.00/month – Clarity focused sentences, tone adjustments, plagiarism detection, fluency, advanced suggestions 
  • Business Plan – $12.50/month – All Premium plan features plus style guide for team members, analytics dashboard, brand tones, account roles & permissions

I proofread almost all of my articles, emails, and social media posts using Grammarly. I’m delighted with how it helps me correct each sentence to make it sound better and more meaningful to my readers. So, try it and let me know if I’m wrong about it!

6. AI Writer – Best AI Text Generator 

It always seems cumbersome to research content from the internet sea, find credible sources, brainstorm ideas, and start writing. If this is the problem you face, AI Writer has a unique solution. 

With AI Writer, you can benefit as it quickly generates a full-length solid article based on the information you provide. It also offers a list of citations that you can manually verify to improve content authority.

Though your article looks clean, informative, and unique, it should reach the right set of audiences to target quality traffic. AI Writer has understood this and provides an SEO-focused text editor to create Google-friendly content. It also claims to have a 73.47% ranking advantage which is quite advantageous. 

So, on the whole, if you are a blogger, SEO writer, or content marketer searching for a good AI article writing software that automates the entire process right from content creation to optimization, AI Writer is the ideal fit. 

Key Features –

  • Rewrite text about any topic
  • Directly publish articles to WordPress
  • API Access 

Pricing Plans – AI Writer offers a 7-day free trial on any of the three pricing plans –

  • Basic Plan – $29/month – upto 40 articles, AI Text editor, SEO Editor, Text Rewording, API Access, and WordPress Publishing
  • Standard Plan – $59/month – upto 150 articles and all features of the Basic plan
  • Power Plan – $375/month – up to 1000 articles and all features of the Standard plan

7. Sapling – Best AI Messaging Software for Customer Support 

Sapling is a powerful AI writing software that helps your sales and customer support agents to send personalized responses quickly. 

It integrates with all major messaging platforms, CRM, and provides you with conversational insights to leverage support experience to the next level. 

Some include Slack, Notion, ServiceTitan, Zendesk, Drift, Intercom, Gorgias, Twilio, Freshdesk, Jira, Salesforce, Groove, etc. The list seems to grow every week.

Sapling stores and retrieves relevant responses so your agents can quickly reply by selecting the appropriate response. It uses machine learning to understand the language. 

Not only can you deliver fast responses, but it lets you get rid of awkward typos and mistakes. Moreover, it provides autocomplete suggestions for all messaging platforms to draft your messages by typing only fewer characters.

If you want to get rid of automated chatbots and empower your customer agents to deliver high-quality and hyper-relevant responses seamlessly, there could be no better option than Sapling. 

Key Features –

  • Manage a high volume of responses without hassle
  • Omnichannel support with a wide range of applications 
  • Automated quality scoring to evaluate teams and agents 
  • Advanced premium suggestions 
  • Reduce repetitive tasks 
  • Snippet library with messages accessible on all web applications
  • AES-256 and TLS (HTTPS) encryption 

Pricing Plans – Sapling has a free plan with basic suggestions, security, usage on free domains, and 20 snippets. The Paid plans are as follows –

  • Pro Plan – $25/month – Advanced suggestions, unlimited use on premium domains, autocomplete along with free plan features
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom – Conversational insights, team analytics, bulk user provisioning, advanced security, API, Custom integrations, Single Sign-On

8. Wordtune – Best AI Writing Assistant for Content Rephrasing

Sometimes we process many ideas in our minds, but bringing them into a proper context becomes challenging. This is where Wordtune acts as your best companion.  

But how? 

When you type your content, Wordtune will understand the semantics and rewrites to match your overall tone, word choice, and flow. It is as effortless as it sounds!

This AI assistant is based on the machine learning models trained on large datasets of written material. Ultimately the rewrite suggestions work on the patterns generated from this data.

You can get started via its online editor or rewrite on the fly using its Chrome extension or Microsoft extension. However, it is currently available only in English and does not offer support for mobile or tablets.

Altogether, if you wish to give life to your mind-boggling ideas, then Wordtune is your cup of tea. It is a valuable tool for individuals and professionals who want to improve their writing skills and deliver on-point content for good readability. 

Key Features –

  • Integrates with Google docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Outlook, and many more
  • Write in casual and formal tones. 
  • Ability to change the length of the text to suit the format 
  • Thesaurus based real-time suggestions
  • Translate or rewrite texts from other languages into English

Pricing Plans – Wordtune offers a Free Plan that allows for rewriting 20 sentences/day. You can also add the Wordtune extension to your desktop. Its paid plans are as follows –

  • Premium Plan – $9.99/month – Unlimited Rewrites, Shorten/Expand content, Express with casual or formal tones, and premium support.
  • Premium for Teams Plan – Custom Pricing – All Premium plan features except that it allows you to pay as a team. 

Which is the best AI Writing software for you?

Gone are the days when you have to scratch your head to write high-performing content that converts. With the advent of AI writing assistant tools, you can effortlessly develop captivating ideas and content that speaks to your target audience in the best way possible. 

So from this list, my top 5 picks are – 

  1. Jasper – Best for Marketers
  2. INK Editor – Best for Content Writers 
  3. Rytr – Best for content ideas
  4. CopySmith – Best for eCommerce Copywriting 
  5. Grammarly – Best for Proofreading

Rest assured, all the above-mentioned AI-writing software are the best and have something unique that should match your needs. These tools specially cater to marketers, content writers, and business owners to generate high-converting content on a scalable basis. 

So, choose one of the AI writing software and let the bots help you create fantastic content for your blog, landing page, and marketing campaigns. 

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