8 Best B2B Brands Killing on Instagram

You must have seen B2C brands killing on Instagram with their creative and humorous content. And we as consumers love it, right?

If you are one of those B2B marketers who think Instagram is not an ideal marketing platform for B2B brands, I have a surprise for you- In this article, I’ll show you the top B2B brands on Instagram, doing an awesome job by creating compelling content and building an engaging community.

And you should follow them to learn and draw inspiration for your brand as well. If you want to learn more about how B2B brands can use Instagram, you should check out my comprehensive guide on B2B Instagram Marketing.

So, are you ready to dive into a high dose of creativity? Let’s get started.

1. Adobe

Adobe - B2B brand on Instagram

With more than 1 Million followers on Instagram, Adobe establishes a strong presence by having an ideal focus on creativity. They also empower the artistic community by featuring the best creators on their Instagram handle. 

The specialty of Adobe is that they uplift women by creating #WomenCreateWednesday by showing to the world the best female creators and their potential in design and creativity.

This reflects how Adobe respects women creators and puts them as an icon of respect and reverence.

Key Takeaways: As a B2B brand on Instagram, you need to highlight your company culture and show how it can drive a huge social impact on your target audience’s minds.  

2. Microsoft

Microsoft on Instagram

Microsoft establishes a strong social connection with its audience by creatively explaining its products. 

One of the common elements you’ll see on their feed is the “Swipe up for a surprise” content in which they share something exciting or lovable like pet pictures to surprise their audience. 

Similarly, they use various funny ways to engage with the audience. Such content humanizes the brand and builds a strong bond of familiarity with the audience.

Key Takeaway: Always dive into your audience’s mind and create content that makes them interact with you. By doing this, you can establish a personal connection with your audience and win their heart.  

3. IBM

IBM - Best B2B brand on Instagram

This tech giant explains their different types of ground-breaking technologies in the form of high-resolution videos and images. 

They also give equal importance to all diversified employees by creating a #BeEqual, where all IBM officials explain about creating a unified culture experience irrespective of color, gender, etc.

They also have a separate Instagram handle that takes us deep into the employee’s work culture, sharing their meaningful experiences with the world, which shows how IBM is shaping their workforce for a better-envisioned future.

Key Takeaways: You need to cover every aspect when it comes to showcasing your B2B brand on Instagram. Starting from workspace culture to innovatively promoting your products, you need to provide thought-provoking content that globally attracts more audiences.

4. WeWork

WeWork -B2B brand on Instagram

WeWork’s Instagram bio says, Reimagine your workspace, and by this statement, you would have guessed what it is all about – they provide shared workspaces for tech startups and services for other enterprises.

WeWork leverages its unique value proposition by posting exemplary workspace images that are definitely a feat for all audiences. 

Focusing on high visual images, WeWork explains that office space is not just for carrying out daily tasks; it should also accomplish a sense of emotional connection for achieving healthy, sustainable living.

Key Takeaways: Instead of posting plain graphic-enriched images with zero value, you need to create a value-driven personality for your B2B brand on Instagram that genuinely displays your workplace culture.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp on Instagram

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing platforms that is exclusively developed to support and uplift small businesses. Its Instagram profile does complete justice in presenting its mission and vision.

They make effective use of 100k+ followers by consistently featuring small businesses and encouraging users to shop locally and help their local businesses thrive. They also have a dedicated Instagram handle, @mailchimppresents, where they share stories of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways: B2B brands should not solely aim at building your engagement levels; instead, try to help your community grow along with you. This enables you to become of the community that your target audience belongs to.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot B2B brand on Instagram

When it comes to creating customer-centric content, you should have a look at how HubSpot is making an impact. They use text-based posts to provide incredible value to their audience by understanding their exact pain points.

They also leverage videos in the marketing strategy that provides rich educational content that potentially drives more awareness. Overall, their content revolves around building a sustainable community for their brand to outshine across the globe.

Key Takeaways: You need to ideally work on creating impeccable content that can correlate with your audience’s pain points. By providing solutions to them, you can simultaneously grow as a brand and bring in more customers to fill your sales pipeline.   

7. Slack

Slack on Instagram B2B brand

Slack is a collaborative platform that brings all workplace communications instantly to your fingertips. Their Instagram profile is a visual eye-treat because it is fully colorful and delivers an aesthetic sense to their brand value.

They use creative design techniques to show how their product can be utilized in different ways to foster meaningful communication for effective workspace productivity.

Key Takeaways: Identify the various innovative marketing strategies for your B2B brand on Instagram that make your target customers learn and understand your product deeply, making them master all the features.

8. Keap 

Keap- B2B CRM brand on Instagram

Keap is one of the best CRM software for small businesses that boost their sales and marketing performance. They have proved this, and their post completely resonates with improving small-sized companies by providing essential and valuable resources.

Keap also builds its brand reputation by leveraging user-generated content. It highlights how agencies and small business owners grew up their sales using Keap CRM, which helps in the strong positioning of their brand.

Key Takeaways: As a part of your B2B Instagram marketing strategy, always include your happiest customer reviews instead of solely explaining your product features. This shows that you can provide exceptional value to your target customers, amplifying your brand’s portfolio.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is still an underrated marketing platform among B2B marketers. But as I mentioned earlier, if you make the right strategy and understand what your target audience expects on the platform, you can succeed.

So, go to the Instagram profile of each brand mentioned above and analyze the strategies that these top-notch B2B brands have incorporated to win the hearts of millions of Instagram users and build your own awe-driven content strategy.

Remember, your primary focus with Instagram should be to create a healthy, long-lasting community for your B2B brand rather than using bots to get more likes and comments.

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