5 Best B2B Lead Prospecting Tools (2024)

In Account-based marketing, the funnel starts with identifying the right people from the target companies and then using marketing and sales strategies to engage & build relationships with them.

This process of identifying the right people and finding their contact details is known as lead prospecting.

And this is the list of the best B2B lead prospecting tools.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

1. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder B2B Lead Prospecting Tool

The Leadfeeder connects the website’s data from Google Analytics and showcases the real business ventures visiting your business website. With this app, there is absolutely no requirement for website installations. You just have to add a tracking code, and it works automatically by identifying which business has visited your website which is highly beneficial for B2B companies. 

With only 2% of the site visitors filling out the contact form, the Leadfeeder reveals the names of the companies who are visiting your website by providing their complete information. With this tool, you can easily target your potential audience and close more sales. 

Feature highlights: 

  • It can be easily connected with your LinkedIn account, making it simpler to approach a potential customer. 
  • Your most significant target audience naturally goes to the first spot on your list so that you can know whom you should give the first priority. 
  • Leadfeeder can send you email warnings when an organization visits your site, permitting you to catch up at the earliest opportunity by following up on the prospect. 
  • Whenever associated with your CRM, it will consequently notify you about new visitors to your sales team.
  • See an organization’s full browsing history to learn more about their interests and inclinations. 
  • Channel your leads utilizing different measures, including browsing and location behavior. 
  • Make your own Custom Feeds for your leads.

Pricing plans – Leadfeeder offers only two plans – Lite and Premium. The Lite version is free, and it shows you contacts for the last three days up to 100 contacts.

The premium plan starts at $55/month for up to 100 contacts and you’ll have to pay only for the contacts you accept as leads.

2. Hunter

Hunter lead prospecting tool

Hunter, also known as Email Hunter, is one of the best email discovery tools that helps marketers or advertisers find contact data related to any domain space.

Hunter.io is a SAAS (software as a service) organization representing considerable authority in discovering mass email addresses. Just provide the name of the sites you’d prefer to find email addresses for, and it will deal with the rundown of sites and discover them! 

But how is this useful?

All things considered, one of the most practical applications for this is blog outreach for marketers. You can spare lots of time in your blog outreach efforts by utilizing the fantastic tools this service provider offers. This is ideal for organizations that use cold messaging as an approach to fill their pipeline. Moreover, Email Hunter can also be utilized to confirm messages and do bulk tasks. It’s a helpful and reasonable lead prospecting tool that each business ought to have in its stockpile.

Feature highlights:

  • The Hunter domain search feature helps one search for the domain of any particular business and then transport the sitemap into a spreadsheet format on your CRM.
  • Hunter.io also has an email verifier feature that allows you to check if the particular email address is active, and your email will reach the inbox. This reduces the entry of spam emails.
  • The bulk task feature allows you to verify and search the entire list of addresses and domains easily for dealing with huge amounts of data.
  • With outreach features, you can easily create email templates and add them to your individual email campaign strategy.

Pricing plans – Hunter starts with a free plan in which you can search for up to 50 domain or email searches with 50 email verifications. Its premium plan starts at $49/month in which you can make 500 searches and email verification along with all product features like connecting Google emails and getting priority support.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn, the standard social media platform meant for professional business networks and connections, has been a mainstream and powerful spot to discover and sustain potential customers for quite some time. 

Presently, LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers B2B businesses much more capacity to successfully find leads and deal with their pipelines. LinkedIn Sales Navigator has both a free and paid version. There are paid licenses for professionals,  job seekers, recruiters, and now sales representatives. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s ultimate paid sales solution.

This sales management tool is specifically designed and intended to help sales professionals tap into LinkedIn’s broad network all the more adequately and, eventually, land more and even better deals.

Feature highlights:

  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool has a fantastic feature of integrating itself with several other CRM platforms, including Hubspot, Outreach, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Drift, and so on. 
  • Its advanced features also allow sales representatives to target their potential leads and discover other relevant connections. This can be done by choosing the right filter like geographical location, job opportunities, years of experience, etc.
  • It also comes with the feature of automated lead generation, where you will be suggested relevant leads based on your search history, sales preference, saved leads, and profile views.
  • One of the best features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it provides you an opportunity to reach out to people or leaders who are not within your network.

Pricing and plans: 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool by LinkedIn. It offers 3 different plans – Professionals (Individual account), Team, and Enterprise.

If you are a freelancer, a consultant, or an independent sales professional, then its Professional plan would be the right plan to consider. And if you are considering the tools for your entire sales team, you will need a Team or Enterprise plan. 

4. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is yet another business inside a tool that provides organizations with a refreshed database system. This helps the sales and marketing group of a company in enhancing its sales prospect endeavor. This unique and fantastic platform allows B2B experts to find targeting and hunt for qualified leads.

Zoominfo’s growth acceleration platform helps users find out the list of potential customers. They can create actionable data without manipulating or losing the previous information.

With this platform, users can easily connect with the decision-makers or businesses of various industry domains, as they get access to their email addresses and telephone numbers.

Feature highlights:

  • Users can get access to the accurate details of the profiles through direct phone numbers and email IDs.
  • With the internationalization feature, Zoominfo permits its users to continue business transactions in multiple currencies and languages.
  • Zoominfo offers users a more in-depth insight into the various B2B databases to identify the buyer personas and replicate campaign success.
  • The robust features of ZoomInfo empower users to build targeted lists without risking the current records.

5. Skrapp

Skrapp B2B Lead Prospecting Tool

Skraap.io is another tool that helps users find the verified B2B email IDs of people who are relevant to their business. It is one of the top B2B lead extractors and email finders.

With this fantastic tool, B2B marketers can ace their email marketing campaigns. Skrapp is available as a Google Chrome extension and helps build targeted lead lists through LinkedIn profile searches. 

It finds all the mail IDs of the prospects and saves them in the list. Apart from the email addresses, Skrapp also finds out the company’s name, the website link, and the name of the potential lead. It has a feature bulk email finder that helps to sync bulk emails from the current database.

Feature highlights:

  • Skrapp helps business organizations in the generation of new leads and the proper management of their contact lists.
  • Easy to use and clean user interface.
  • Makes it faster and more efficient to contact targeted leads
  • 24/7 customer support

Pricing and plans: 

Skrapp starts with a free plan in which you get 150 credits/month; 1 credit for each verified email. Its premium plan starts at $49/month, with 1000 credits to $299/month with 50,000 credits per month.

Wrapping Up

B2B lead prospecting is not a fun job to do manually as you have to do repetitive tasks to identify the prospects and then find their contact details from different sources.

But using these lead prospecting tools, you can automate the process and build your prospect list that would help the sales & marketing team to close more deals and thus generate revenue for your business.

I hope this article helped you find the best B2B lead prospecting tools for your business. You may also want to check out our guide on B2B email marketing to make the best use of the prospect list that you will build using these tools.

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