15 Best B2B Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

In today’s highly tech-savvy and data-driven world, every B2B marketer is in need of copious amounts of value-based content that they can imbibe and use for their marketing strategy. 

But it is very tough for marketers to get updated each and every time about the latest trends and industry-related news.

We all know that there is an ample number of B2B marketing blogs, but choosing the right ones highly matters so that you get insights into what matters to you for your business.

That’s why I’ve compiled the best list of B2B marketing blogs that every marketer should bookmark and if you’re also a Feedly user, don’t forget to add these blogs to your feed.

Come on! Let’s jump in and get started. 

1. B2B Marketing

As the name suggests, you can dive deep into this blog and explore all categories of B2B marketing that help in shaping your marketing strategy. This blog also concentrates more on account-based marketing, which is highly valuable for B2B professionals.

B2B marketing blog also offers downloadable guides, how-to guides, real-time case studies, and articles that are exclusively dedicated to B2B marketers.

Best known for B2B Guides, strategies, case studies, etc

My Favorite Pick for You: What does getting close to your customers really mean? You may be surprised.

2. Forrester Blog

Forrester is one of the most trusted business analyst firms in the world. They do extensive research and share insights on customer behavior, technology, and more to help you as a marketer or entrepreneur grow your business.

So, if you want to improve your sales and marketing efforts, which helps in driving new customers for your B2B businesses, then you should bookmark the Forrester blog right now. 

Best known for business Analysis, Customer-focused strategy, and revenue generation Insights.

My favorite pick for you: The Six Components of Effective Sales Compensation Plans

3. Antavo Blog

Antavo’s blog is a valuable resource for businesses looking to optimize their customer loyalty strategies. With in-depth articles, expert insights, and practical advice, the blog offers a comprehensive guide to building successful loyalty programs.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, the Antavo blog has something for you, covering topics from program design and implementation to customer engagement and retention. With regular updates and a commitment to delivering the latest insights and trends in the industry, the Antavo blog is a must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve in customer loyalty and engagement.

Best known for Customer loyalty programs and insights into what makes customers return.

My favorite content: 37 loyalty program best practices to build the perfect concept

4. HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is a highly popular and trusted blog for B2B marketers. The blog extensively covers all marketing areas like sales, social media, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, customer retention, marketing strategy, and the list goes on.

HubSpot offers in-depth guides, resources, and a checklist on different areas of B2B marketing. It provides high-quality content in every marketing section, and that’s probably one of the main reasons that millions of marketers read this blog.

Best known for its Complete repository of B2B Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service guides, tips, and Insights   

My Favorite Pick for you: How to Build a Market Development Strategy

5. Demandbase Blog

If you plan to drive more return on investment via account-based marketing, then Demandbase is the perfect destination for you. Demandbase provides in-depth ideas, and concepts of how to incorporate inbound marketing tactics, and how to target specific accounts to boost your sales and marketing.

Demandbase blog offers powerful guides, checklists, infographics, latest trends in account-based marketing. B2B marketing professionals who want to develop more in-depth knowledge and who plan to implement a customer-driven strategy should not miss this blog. 

Best known for Account-Based Marketing Guides, tips, and strategies.

My favorite pick for you: 10-Step Checklist to unify sales and marketing for ABM Success.

6. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the top-rated websites that provides a value-based plethora of information that B2B marketers can use to learn and stay updated about SEO, Social media, PPC, content marketing, industry-related latest news, etc. 

If you are a digital marketer and want to learn more about search engine ranking, SEJ is the right spot. Its primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization. The blog explains in-depth concepts and ideas about link building, local SEO, and much more.

If you want to get information about the latest algorithm updates, then SEJ is the best place for you.

Best known for the latest SEO news, actionable guides, and updates.

My Favorite pick for You:  How Important Are Backlinks for SEO?

7. Wordstream Blog

One of the biggest challenges for B2B marketers is to make their content rank high on search results. If that is the need, then Wordstream provides a complete, detailed guide on all aspects of online advertising like keywords, PPC, paid campaigns like Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.

If you are a beginner at advertising and want to explore more about advanced ad strategies for your businesses, then Wordstream Blog is the best go-to resource for you to read.

Best Known for PPC and Adwords Guides and Tips

My Favorite Pick for you: How to bid like a pro in Google Ads (in a fraction of time)

8. B2BDigitalMarketers

B2BDigitalMarketers.com is a blog by professional B2B marketers dedicated to providing actionable education for B2B marketers. The blog is full of only practical, how-to guidance, insights, and advice from experts. B2B Digital Marketers have been teaching people how to effectively apply digital marketing strategies. Not bland corporate content created for the sake of targeting keywords.

I love their blog because they highly value complete information without leaving you hanging on what’s next. You will get a complete set of information what is the next step to level your digital marketing effectively without spending money on marketing agencies.

Best known for practical B2B marketing tips

My Favourite Pick for You: What is B2B Marketing Personalization and How to Use It?

9. Databox Blog 

One of the most critical factors in B2B SaaS marketers is to analyze and measure the quantitative data (KPI) of your marketing efforts. As a busy marketer, we may get confused with lots of metrics, and we may forget to track important KPIs that helps in driving conversions.

This is where Databox comes to the rescue. They deliver high-quality blogs that describe in detail business analytics, KPIs, and the latest product updates. They also provide useful insights related to content marketing and sales, which acts as the primary source of increasing ROI for your businesses.

Best known for Analytics and KPI

My Favourite Pick for You: 9 Best Google Analytics Custom Dashboards Examples Every Digital Marketer Should Use.

10. Content Marketing Institute

Are you a content marketer or want to learn more about content marketing?  Do you want to update yourself more about content marketing? If Yes, I would recommend you to read this amazing blog. 

Content Marketing Institute offers excellent practical tips, best insights, and ‘how-to’ guidance from top-level experts about content marketing. If you want to acquire more customers and apply retention strategies, CMI will help you build your content marketing strategy.

One of the best things about CMI is that they publish articles every day, and it’s a must-read if you want to get the current and best industry updates.

Best known for Content Creation, Content Strategy, and blogging

My Favorite pick for you: How to make the Google Algorithm work for you

11. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is a unique blog that provides insights on the latest trends and thought leadership content exclusively for B2B marketing professionals.

They cover all the aspects of marketing for B2B professionals. Right from content marketing, SEO, and customer loyalty to advanced guides, everything is available right at your fingertips. One thing to remember is that you need to subscribe to get access to reading their full article.

Best known for Marketing Insights and strategies.

My Favorite pick for you: Post-Pandemic Event Checklist: Audience Centric Innovation and Messaging.

12. Leadfeeder Blog

The pinnacle touchpoint for every B2B marketer is acquiring potential leads and converting them into successful customers. Leadfeeder helps you in this process by educating you on how to grab high-quality leads and explaining to you all the concepts related to generating good prospects for your business.

If you want to generate quality leads for your business and achieve a high mark on sales, then definitely Leadfeeder Blog is the best go-to resource for you.

Best known for B2B Lead Generation and Sales

My Favourite Pick for you: Why Marketing Leads Don’t Turn Into B2B Sales

13. Semrush Blog

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO blogs that every B2B marketer would definitely have come across. When you hear the term ‘SEO’ SEMrush is one of the first few names that pop up in our minds.

SEMrush blogs offer top-notch content related to SEO, landing pages, eCommerce, pay-per-click advertising, brand management, etc. It also provides instant and current algorithmic updates so that you need not miss updating yourself regularly.

Best known for Search Engine Optimisation and search engine marketing Insights.

My Favorite Pick for You: The Top 10 SEO Tasks You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

14. Drift Blog

Drift is one of the best conversational marketing platforms and is highly trusted by B2B marketing professionals. If you want to understand customers’ intricate touchpoints and convert them via effective conversations, then the Drift blog shall be the perfect match for you.

Drift blogs help in increasing your sales and provide detailed guides on bringing customers to the bottom of your funnel.

Best Known for Customer-focused marketing Guides and Strategies.

My Favorite Pick for you: How to optimize conversions with a personalized customer engagement strategy

15. Heinz Marketing Blog

Do you run a B2B company and want to generate more sales and apply targeted, scalable marketing strategies? Heinz Marketing does that for you readily by showing excellent insights into applying profitable sales and marketing strategies for your company effectively.

You can accelerate and streamline all your sales and marketing tactics as Heinz Marketing Blog provides you with everything at your fingertips. A complete power-packed blog that explains all the growth-related tactics and buyer’s journey, so this is a must-read for all B2B marketers to gain high revenue in their sales efforts.

Best Known For B2B Sales and Marketing Insights and actionable strategies.

My Favorite Pick for You: Is sales engagement the most important platform in your marketing stack?

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