8 Best Invoicing Software For Small Business

Are you looking for the best invoicing software for your business? Try Zoho Invoice for free or Quickbooks for advanced accounting and invoicing features.

As a small business owner, wanting to get paid quickly for your products or services is essential. To make this happen, you have to select the right invoicing software that does all the hard work for you to collect payments at a faster pace.

Good invoicing software should be easy-to-use, flexible, feature-rich, mobile-friendly, and affordable. You can create an invoice with payment integration or design an exclusive portal where your clients/customers can directly pay without lifting a finger. 

So to make your job easier, I’ve researched and put together the best invoicing software that is top-rated, powerful, and highly popular in the market. 

Continue to read till the end, so you can choose the ideal invoicing software that makes billing and collecting payments simple and hassle-free. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s begin. 

1. Zoho Invoice – Free Invoicing Software

Having been trusted by millions, Zoho Invoice is a free invoice software that provides everything needed to streamline your invoices. 

You can choose from a gallery of customizable templates, add your logo, send invoices via SMS, and follow up with automated payment reminders. The best part is you can bill in multiple currencies/languages and enable localized payment gateways for frictionless processing.  

In its neatly organized dashboard, you can know when an invoice is viewed by the customer, making tracking easy. Even if you receive payment via offline mode, it can be recorded instantly, so you’ll get a perfect balance in your business’s cash flow. 

You can also manage your reimbursements without going through complicated spreadsheets. Also, you’ll get a complete breakdown of all the expenses made in a pie chart to know which portion of your finance costs you more. 

Zoho Invoice is an ideal online invoicing software for small businesses as it is easy to use, efficient, and reliable. Integrating Zoho Invoice with Zoho Books & Zoho CRM is another great advantage. 

Key Highlights –

  • Digitally sign your invoices to prevent forgery.
  • Set up a recurring billing profile to collect payments automatically 
  • Online payment reports to identify which invoices are pending and have been cleared
  • Let your client accept or reject an estimate directly in their portal
  • Collect advance payments for projects 
  • Know how many hours and expenses are yet to be billed directly in the dashboard 
  • Manage invoices anytime via iOS and Android apps 

Pricing Plans – Zoho Invoice is completely free to use. Its mission is to help small businesses leverage the power of hassle-free invoicing. You can enjoy zero ads, contracts, and hidden fees. So SignUp now and start aligning your financial operations. 

2. Quickbooks – Powerful Invoicing Software 

Quickbooks - Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

Quickbooks is one of the best accounting software which allows you to create and track invoices seamlessly. You can send unlimited invoices every day, create GST bills within seconds, generate cash flow statements and get a real-time view of your cash position. 

You can connect your bank accounts and credit cards to Quickbooks billing and instantly download all your transactions. Further, it’s possible to auto-categorize transactions or create custom rules to classify expenses. In this way, you take complete control over your business’s finances. 

So if you’re looking for an online invoicing & billing software that streamlines all tasks from automated invoices to managing payments, Quickbooks shall serve your plate. In simple terms, invoice management is easy with Quickbooks.

Key Highlights –

  • Create and send custom invoices from desktop or mobile 
  • GST-Compliant invoices 
  • Collaborate and work with multiple users in one place 
  • Track the status of your invoices via the in-built invoice tracker 
  • Send the same invoice to various customers 

Pricing Plans – Quickbooks offers a 30-day free trial on all its paid plans, starting at just $25/mo and going up to $180/mo with advanced accounting, inventory management, and analytics features. You can use the button below to get up to 55% off for the first three months.

3. Freshbooks – Advanced Invoicing Software

Freshbooks is a user-friendly, accessible, scalable invoicing software for business owners. With its invoice generator, you can create rich-looking invoices by blending branding elements and personalizing thank you emails for your clients. 

The most time-saving aspect is its built-in automation. Sending automated reminders, following up with your clients, charging them a fee, or be it anything, Freshbooks will seamlessly handle it. So you can focus more on core financial aspects and less time chasing behind clients. 

The ultimate benefit of using invoicing software is improving your business’s cash flow. Freshbooks has got this fundamental aspect covered via Retainers. 

You can bill a client a fixed amount upfront and then track time towards the remaining balance with retainers. Even if you go over the allotted amount, you can create a bill for the extra hours with a past invoice. So you ideally strike a balance between hours worked, and income earned, leading to financial stability.

Overall, I would recommend Freshbooks invoicing for small businesses looking to extract the most from invoicing capabilities. 

Key Highlights – 

  • Customize the invoice payment terms
  • Get instant updates when the invoice has been viewed and paid
  • Ability to automatically track inventory billed on invoices 
  • Preview invoices before sending 
  • Setup to automatically apply late fees when the payment is overdue
  • Multi-currency billing 
  • Flexibility to add discounts to your invoices 
  • Get paid faster by accepting credit cards for payments

Pricing Plans – Freshbooks invoicing plans are as follows –

  • Lite Plan – $6/month – upto 5 billable clients 
  • Plus Plan – $10/month – upto 50 billable clients 
  • Premium Plan – $20/month – unlimited billable clients 
  • Select Plan – Custom Pricing – unlimited billable clients and other advanced features

Since Invoicing is a part of Freshbooks accounting, you’ll also benefit by accessing accounting features in all the plans mentioned above. It also offers a 30-day free trial with unlimited access to all its features. You’ll also get free phone and email support if you have queries about setting up your account. 

4. Refrens – Free Invoice Generator 

Refrens - Free Invoicing Software

Refrens is the best free invoice generator that enables you to create unlimited invoices for unlimited clients for free. You can also create a delivery challan, payment receipt, debit note, and credit note with only one click.

Additionally, you have complete freedom to change the invoice’s fields and columns, save it as a PDF, send it right away via email, or share it via WhatsApp.

If you’re one of the business owners that prepares bills at the end of the month, creating invoices can be very challenging, even if you utilize an online invoice generator. Making an invoice, sending it to your client, and repeating the process all take time, especially if you need to finish a lot of bills by the end of the month.

However, you can input bulk invoices using Refrens’ invoice generator, and the system will create invoices from them once the sheet is published. Using the bulk invoices tool, you can produce GST invoices, Non-GST invoices, and GST e-invoices.

Key Highlights –

  • Free Unlimited Invoice
  • Permission control
  • Quick Easy Invoice
  • Customization of Columns
  • Email & Track Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Custom Formula 
  • Invoice Templates
  • Insightful Reports
  • Client Management
  • Ready Data

Pricing Plans –  Refrens has a Forever free plan with access to almost every feature you need to create and manage invoices. For more advanced features, you can opt one of the paid plans starting at just $7/month.

5. Invoice Ninja – Best Open-Source Invoicing Software 

Being open-source invoicing software, Invoice Ninja is the best match for small businesses with in-house developers. Because if you want to customize or add specific functionalities, your developer team can play around with coding and yield the best results for effective billing and invoicing management.

In 4 simple steps, you can get paid by your clients. All you have to do is to create an account, upload your company details, integrate payment gateways (Stripe, Checkout, Authorize.net, WePay, Braintree, etc.), and send branded invoices in seconds. It is as simple as it sounds.

With its built-in time tracking & project management, you can determine the time spent on each task. If you want to bill by the hour or project, you can view the recorded time and apply it to your invoice for sending the bill to your clients within a few clicks. 

Invoice Ninja offers a plethora of features starting from billing and invoicing to managing your workflow and clients. It is one of those fewest invoicing software that offers highly affordable paid pricing plans that you cannot find elsewhere. 

Key Highlights – 

  • Access to professional invoice templates 
  • Manage invoices for upto ten businesses 
  • Attach third-party files to invoices & expenses 
  • Send invoices and quotes from your Gmail account 
  • Kanban boards to intuitively manage your projects 
  • Zapier Integration for automation 
  • Request partial payments using the same invoice 
  • Set tax settings per item or invoice total
  • Bill a client extra for unpaid invoices with automatic late payment fees
  • Let your clients understand your terms and agreement by approving the checkbox
  • Setup custom payment options 

Pricing Plans – Invoice Ninja offers a free plan bundled with features like – creating unlimited invoices, including 20 clients, four invoice templates, accept payments, auto-billing, real-time invoice PDF creation, accept deposits, automatic currency conversions, and more.

The Pro plan costs only $10/month, allowing you to add unlimited clients and access more advanced features. Finally, the Enterprise Plan starts at $14/month and scales based on the number of users. 

6. Wave – Simple Invoicing Software 

Wave is a simple and intuitive invoicing software that offers a free range of valuable features and functionalities. The invoices created with Wave seem neat, clean, and well-organized, leading to a perfect minimalistic look and feel.

Whatever the content, you can efficiently structure it in your invoices via drag-and-drop. Also, whether you run marketing, consulting, legal, or a freelancing business, you can choose the perfect invoice template, download it in different formats and personalize it to fit your needs. 

From viewing the entire customer info in one place to duplicating invoices to save time, Wave lets you handle all operations easily. It is best suited for small businesses that want to access all the ‘must-have’ invoicing functions at no cost.

Key Highlights –

  • Automatic backup in the cloud
  • Track payments, partial payments, and overdue via the app
  • Convert estimates into invoices
  • Send statements to follow up on delinquent customers
  • Access to meaningful cash flow insights
  • Send professional payment receipts
  • Customizable payment terms 

Pricing Plans – It is entirely free to use. [SignUp Now for Free Plan]

7. Invoice2go – Best Invoicing & Estimate Software

Invoice2go is a highly easy-to-use invoicing software that lets you create & send professional invoices from any device. You can mark an invoice as partially/fully paid, add logged time entry details and quickly reorder items in your invoice for easy processing.

Accepting payments, sending invoices, and monitoring cash flow can be viewed in a single place. Besides, your payments get cleared in your bank account within 3-4 business days. Also, there’s no need to reconcile accounts since payments are auto-matched to your invoices.

You can add, edit, and track your clients and leads directly from the dashboard. To save your time, you can automate your client/leads communications and shift your focus to other important tasks. Customizable email templates are also available to deliver the message visually appealingly. 

Overall, Invoice2go presents you with a user-friendly interface and customization flexibility and organizes everything perfectly to streamline all critical invoicing operations.

Key Highlights –

  • Share invoices via email, text, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger 
  • Access to several invoice templates, color palettes, insert badges/accreditation/banners, and watermarks
  • Keep track of your appointments and bill for time
  • View charts and graphs to get a clear picture of your cash flow
  • No-fee small business bank account to manage finances 
  • Create stunning estimates and quotes 
  • Manage your projects by keeping all information and documents in a centralized location 

Pricing Plans – Invoice2go offers three major pricing plans – 

  • Starter Plan – $5.99/month – 2 invoices/month, 3.5% card payment fee, unlimited estimates/projects/clients/team members, invoice customization, reminders, payment receipts, ACH bank transfers, expenses, appointment & scheduling 
  • Professional Plan – $9.99/month – 5 invoices/month, 3.0% card payment fee, accounting integrations, reports, and other Starter plan features
  • Premium Plan – $39.99/month – unlimited invoices/month, 2.9% card payment fees, recurring invoices, and all other Professional plan features

However, note that 2.9% + 30¢ charges are incurred on all plans if you choose to enable PayPal Payments. 

8. Invoice Simple – Most Easiest Invoicing Software

As the name shows, Invoice Simple is a beginner-friendly small business invoicing software that shortens the process of creating, sending, and managing invoices to your clients/customers. 

The best part is whether you need to create an invoice, estimate, quote, receipt, excel invoice, contractor, or consulting invoice, a template collection set is available for each category. You can use its mobile app for more options and customizations if you want to add extra colors or configurations. 

You can instantly get started as it is free to use. Important details like payment instructions, discounts, due dates, photos, signatures, and shipping details can be done with a mouse click. An added bonanza is that you can reuse the saved invoice items & client details again, thus simplifying tasks in a fraction of a second.

Overall, Invoice Simple lets you enjoy the task of managing invoices via its straightforward interface. That’s why it has been trusted and loved by 5,00,000+ businesses globally.

Key Highlights –

  • Built-in reporting, sharable with an accountant
  • Accept payments online or in-person 
  • Predictive typing to quickly fill invoices 
  • Know precisely when each invoice was created and read 
  • Use in-built search to find your client details
  • Access to Stripe dashboard for viewing existing & pending payments along with fees 

Pricing Plans – Invoice Simple is fully free to use. If you wish to opt for stress-free invoicing management for your business, you must try Invoice Simple. 

Which is the best invoicing software for your business?

Invoicing makes your business move forward by letting you track, collect and monitor payments. Whether you want to stabilize or optimize your cash flow and improve client relationships depends on the invoicing software you choose for your business. 

So it’s now time to view the best picks –

  • Zoho Invoice – Feature-rich invoicing software for free 
  • Quickbooks – Advanced Invoicing software for all
  • Freshbooks – Affordable advanced invoicing software
  • Wave – Simple-to-use Invoicing Capabilities at zero cost 

Most of the invoicing software listed is either free to use or has a free plan. If not they have an extended free trial option too. So, try the software you like the most and see if it is worth it. 

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