How to leverage LinkedIn as an entrepreneur with Sam Baisla

Sam Baisla is an entrepreneur who started multiple businesses among which some failed while others are thriving.

Currently, Sam Baisla is a founder and active CEO of Nexel World, an online community to empower young entrepreneurs by providing essential training and education.

LinkedIn played a vital role in the foundation of Nexel World and his entrepreneurial journey.

In this podcast, Sam shared how he leveraged the platform as an entrepreneur and you can too.

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Here’s a snippet of our conversation –

Rahul Pandey: What does an entrepreneurship actually mean to you?

Sam Baisla: For me personally, entrepreneurship is about a process of doing something. It is such a game wherein every new thing and every other day something new is happening and you really can’t say that I’m done now, I’ve achieved and I reached my destination. It’s always in the process and you can’t be sure if you made it or not.

It’s a kind of a lifestyle and I’m still trying to do things here and there. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad but you’ve to keep going and this is the most important lesson I learned – Never Settle.

Rahul:  Why did you choose LinkedIn over any other social networking platforms?

Sam: When I started looking into the startup ecosystem, when I wanted to move away from the traditional businesses that I’ve built in my career as an entrepreneur, I wanted to be part of the technology.

So, I experimented a lot with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well. Because I was building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, I wanted to connect with other entrepreneurs and LinkedIn was the platform where I could find them and establish connections. This is how I started spending more time on LinkedIn over other platforms.

Rahul: You’ve been participating on LinkedIn actively since last 8 months and you’ve already buil a strong personal brand with an amazing engagement rate. How actually you did this?

Sam: If I have to share my daily mobile usage time then its 5 hrs on average and about 80% of the time, I spend on LinkedIn. If you go to my any post on LinkedIn, I replied to almost every comment on the post.

I try to achieve a 100% hit ratio that any comment you leave on my post, I make sure I reply to each of them. And this is where you make connections because if you shared something and people cared enough about it to make their time to share their opinion in a comment and if you reply, you’re establishing engagement.

And, engagement is my key to build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn.

Rahul: You’ve been leveraging LinkedIn as an entrepreneur by building your personal brand on the platform. Would you like to share how other entrepreneurs can leverage the platform?

Sam: I heard somewhere and it goes like – “Lack of resources isn’t your problem, lack of resourcefulness is your problem”.

Now, resourcefulness is your ability to step out and generate the resources you need. So, if you’re a young entrepreneur, you don’t have money, nobody knows you and you want to build a business then it can be quite difficult.

But if you’ve a personal brand, people know you, your work and accomplishments then it can be way easier to connect with people you need like co-founder or investors.

Your personal brand can open multiple doors to opportunities for you. Once you’ve built your credibility in the industry, your 50% job has already been done.

This is how an entrepreneur can start leveraging LinkedIn – Build a strong and credible personal brand, first.

Wrapping up

In the full episode of this podcast, we covered various aspects of entrepreneurship, personal branding and LinkedIn.

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