How to Use Quora for B2B Lead Generation?

Do you want to use Quora for B2B lead generation?

That’s a great idea, and you are at the right place to find the best ideas to leverage the platform for lead generation.

With over 300 million active users, Quora is the most popular Q&A platform where people post questions on various topics and get solutions from others for their uncleared doubts and problems.

And people ask all sorts of questions from personal to business. That’s why it is a marketing platform that every company from any industry can leverage to interact and connect with their customers.

In this article, I will share some of the best ways to use Quora for B2B lead generation. These are the tactics that I observed on the platform and have used for my clients.

So, if you are ready, let me show you the list of effective strategies to use Quora for B2B lead generation-

  1. Optimize your Quora profile
  2. Answer niche-specific questions
  3. Drive traffic to your site organically.
  4. Engage with your followers
  5. Retarget your website visitors with Ads
  6. Target users based on specific questions or topics
  7. Promote popular answers related to your business
  8. Create your own Quora Space

Now, let’s dive deeper into these strategies.

1. Optimize your Quora Profile

First things first, if you want to leverage a platform, start optimizing your profile in the best possible way.  Your Quora profile is your ideal weapon to boost your uniqueness and authenticity on the platforms. 

Most importantly, focus on your profile credentials. It is one of the few elements of your profile that people can see in the search results and with your answers.

Your credential appears under your name over your answers. So, it is important to add a credential that adds credibility to your answers. Take the credentials on Quora as a LinkedIn profile headline; you have to make it sound professional and present yourself as an expert in your field.  

Going ahead, list down all your accomplishments, and tell people who you are with a short and crisp intro. You can also add links in your Quora profile bio to add CTA and drive people to download your lead magnets.

One such eye-grabbing profile is as follows –

Add CTA to your Quora Profile

It is short (in fact, very short) with a CTA and a banner to immediately grab visitors’ attention and make them check it out. 

2. Answer niche-specific Questions

To target your ideal audience, you need to start answering questions related to your industry, products, and services that your company offers. So how to get started? Go to Quora’s search option and enter your niche keyword, and you will see tons of questions with more answers.

For instance, if your company provides POS software, you can search for the keyword “POS software” to find all the questions related to it.

POS Software Example on Quora

Now, pick the relevant questions and answer them as an expert (not as a promoter of your product). Remember one thing you are not there to ask people to buy your products.

Instead, focus on delivering value to your audience and try to solve your customer’s pain points.

You can keep your answer as long as you want, and Quora also allows you to add images and embed tweets in your answers. So, use it appropriately to make your answers stand out.

Pro tip: If you are answering old questions, then pick the questions that have a good number of followers so that they get notified when you post your answer and get some instant attention.

3. Drive traffic to your site organically

In the above two steps, you have seen plenty of space for you to add links to your site and drive traffic.

However, it is not that easy with Quora. Quora has a strict policy on adding links to your answers. Quora clearly states that links whose purpose appears to direct traffic to external commercial sites while providing little to no value back to the Quora Community will be removed as spam.

You can add links but make sure that those links are relevant to the topic and help the readers, not just to drive traffic to your site. For example, when I write about LinkedIn Ads, linking to one of my blogs on the topic is perfectly appropriate.

Add link in Quora for lead generation

Quora allows you to add reference links in your answers in two ways – Anchor text and footnote. It is good to use both types while answering and adding links to other credible sources.

4. Engage with your followers

If you are on Quora for lead generation and consistently answering questions related to your products and services, you may build a huge follower base on your profile.

Many of those followers can be your potential customers and thus a lead for your business. So, engage with them consistently by replying to their comments, answering their questions, and engaging in their posts.

By doing so, you will stay on top of their mind whenever something comes up related to your products and services. And if they are actively looking for the solution, you’ll give them a reason to visit your site and know more about it before making any decision.

After all, B2B lead generation is all about how much information you can provide to your customers to help them make informed and calculated decisions about your products and services.

5. Retarget your website visitors

Like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Quora also allows you to track your website visitors and retarget them again via paid campaigns on the platform.

Retargeting is one of the effective B2B lead generation strategies because it allows me to reach out to the visitors again across different channels with more information and personalized ad copy to drive them back to the site and convert them into leads.

And when it comes to Quora, there’s a reasonable probability that the user is looking for more information, possibly related to your products and services. So, you can run campaigns offering more details in the form of downloads, free consultations, etc.

Basically, the objective of this strategy is to drive your potential leads back to your site, providing them with more information based on their past behavior on the site.

6. Target users based on specific questions or topics

Quora Ads allows you to run ad campaigns targeting users interested in particular topics, and questions or based on their history with particular topics and questions. 

Take it this way, LinkedIn Ads has a superpower that allows you to retarget users based on their professional attributes. Quora Ads enables you to target people looking for answers to specific questions.

With this powerful feature, you can run an ad campaign offering a complete guide, free course, or even free consultation, which will be more helpful than just a bunch of Quora answers. Agreed?

Quora Ads provides various targeting options. With this plethora of targeting options available on Quora, you can create a long sustainable strategy in developing more traffic, targeting niche-specific audiences, generating leads, and turning them into potential customers.

So, leverage it in the best possible way!

7. Promote popular answers related to your business

At the last stage of setting up a Quora Ad campaign, you have to select one of the Ad formats, one of which is “Promote an answer.”

This particular ad format can be a great way to generate leads and drive traffic to your site because text and image ads regularly appear on people’s home feeds. Still, promoted answers have the extra advantage of having a high placement on Quora’s feed.

The idea behind this strategy is that people are on Quora to find answers. They may ignore the ads but not have an insightful explanation for particular questions. 

Since Quora allows you to target users searching for specific questions, the “Promote an answer” ad format will be the best to pick. You can promote your answers or the best if you promote answers from one of your influencers whose answers add credibility and build trust with your brand.

When you choose answers to promote, here are a few valuable tips that you should consider:

  • Your promoted answer should be exceptionally high in delivering value. Because you simply don’t promote an answer, you promote your brand’s reputation.
  • Your promoted answer should typically solve your target audience’s pain points.
  • Make sure to add relevant calls to action at the end to drive quality traffic to your website or to get more conversions.

Here’s how a promoted answer appears in the Quora feed –

Promote Quora Answers

8. Create your own Quora Space

Like Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups, Quora also allows you to form communities around your interests. It is called Quora Spaces.

You can use Quora Spaces in a number of different ways to build communities around your products and services and generate leads.

For example, if you are in the SaaS industry, you can create a Quora Space around it to organize the best questions and answers related to the topic. 

Or you can create a space inviting founders, CEOs, marketers, and industry thought leaders to join and share their answers, engage in conversation, and curate some interesting answers or posts to share on the platform.

The objective behind creating your own Quora space is to stay connected with your potential customers with whom you can build credibility and trust over time by adding value to them. 

Bonus tips for using Quora

If you have made up your mind about using Quora to generate leads for your business, here are a few of my tips for you to make the best out of it –

  1. You can embed Quora answers on your website pages or blog so that visitors notice your Quora profile and can follow you.
  2. You can also create a social media post with one of your best-written Quora answers. Write eye-catching captions for your post and paste the Quora link in the description or in your bio, which leads to more clicks and traffic generation.
  3. You can also ask or follow questions anonymously, allowing you to keep an eye on specific questions and answers.
  4. If you aim to get more downloads, free signups, trials, etc., add links to your popular lead magnets in your Quora profile bio, which people can see while visiting your profile.

Wrapping Up

As I repeatedly say in my articles, B2B lead generation is all about helping your prospects make an informed decision for their business. The more credible information you provide them about their problems and how you can help them, the better you’ll have chances to become partners.

And Quora is the best platform for that. People come here to find solutions to their problems. So, stay visible on the platform to help them find the best solutions and apply the above tactics to generate leads for your business.

I hope this article helped you leverage Quora in the best possible way for lead generation. You should also check out these articles to generate leads using other platforms as well –

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