4 valuable lessons I learned on LinkedIn after writing consistently for 100 days

One year back on 27th August 2017, I started writing on LinkedIn and  I wrote straight for 100 days on LinkedIn and mind you, the results were amazing.

One year later, today, as I am recalling all the lessons that I have learned from that marathon, it’s like a trip down the memory lane.

In the past one year, LinkedIn as a platform has evolved immensely and with more and more young creators creating content religiously, it is witnessing a fresh wave of opinions, voices, and observations.

Just before I begin, let me first introduce who am I?

A content marketer and UI/UX enthusiast who found his voice through LinkedIn. I write about UX at UXSprout and have been writing on LinkedIn for more than one year now.

Have written 250+ microblogs on LinkedIn so far and 2 videos.

Enough of bragging now, let’s get back to work.

Specifically talking about those 100 days of continuous writing on LinkedIn, I had easily amassed over 100k+ views on my posts.

Made good relations with super amazing creators like Rahul Pandey.

But being modest, it wasn’t about the likes nor engagement. It was about the things that I learned and learning since then about the platform and me as an individual.

And I’ll take through the things that I have learned.

So, without any further delay.

Should I get started?

Shall !?

Here I go.

1. Writing brings Clarity

 Writing is a wonderful hobby and it brings in more clarity of thoughts.

Let me show you how?

When you sit down to write, your mind processes the raw information and gives it a concrete shape which comes out as a write-up.

This helps in making your own opinions, your own voice and the thoughts which until now were just raw information, takes a definite shape.

Ever since I have started doing this micro-blogging, I have started perceiving things differently. I now, observe things and extract some learnings out of it, most of the times.

This is what writing does to you.

I dare you to try it at least once.

2. Consistency beats Perfection

Ever since, I started that #100daysonLinkedIn series on LinkedIn, my belief in this phrase is getting stronger day by day.

When I look back and see my first post and then the 25th post and so, a difference can be spotted so easily.

I am not saying that I have mastered the craft of writing but I am certainly better at it now.

So, just in case if you think that you suck at writing or you cannot write, just start.

Like they say, “Every master was once a beginner.” In a similar fashion, consistency beats perfection.

Show up every day for some time to get into the flow and then witness the magic.

Words will flow and you will improve.

100 days calendar
100 days content calendar

One practical tip is to have the 100 days calendar as I did.

However, it need not be 100 days, you can start with any number, say 15 or 20. The whole point is to stick to the game for a while because good things take time to happen.

3. Engagement is the key.

LinkedIn Post by Shubham Bhatt
One of the posts from #100DaysOnLinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and like all other thriving social media platforms, engagement is the core component behind the success.

If ever, you want to get tractions on your posts, engage with the community because that’s the true essence of any social media.

Engage while providing value. Sharing others content, leaving meaningful constructive feedbacks and having real conversations is something that I learned in those 100 days.

4. Personal Branding is for real.

There is a lot of buzz for personal branding lately.

Wearing your opinions and saying them aloud helps in establishing your personal brand.

Personal branding is something where you establish yourself as a brand. People know you, follows you and get influenced by you.

SSI Score of Shubham Bhat
Social Selling Index score

Personal branding is a practice.”

Personal branding can be done in many ways and one thing that can help you in this quest is writing.

Write to influence, write relatable content, share your story and provide value. That’s one way to get there.

And with the advent of social media platforms, it was never this easy to establish a personal brand.

Here are some practical tips to mark your presence in the personal branding sphere:

  • Have your own hashtag, like mine, #ShubhamonLI and Rahul’s is #Rahulogy. These hashtags act as unique identifiers for you.
  • Drill down to a single niche. For example, my niche is “Daily observation and learnings and UX”
  • Have your own writing style. For example, Hardik’s style of writing stories to help people understand complex tax and finance concepts is commendable. Follow #taxstories.
  • And lastly, the hackneyed saying, provide value to your community.

Wrapping Up

Irrespective of what your profession is, one thing that I have seen is that the LinkedIn community welcomes you with open arms.

People are understanding and appreciative by nature.

#100daysonLI is one of the life-changing moment for me and it can be for you also.

So, I highly recommend you to be consistent with your writing and eventually you’ll be better than ever before and that’s what we call progress in self-development.

This valuable piece of content is contributed by Shubham Bhatt who is a content market and UX designer. You can see him sharing his knowledge and experience on LinkedIn. Connect with Shubham on LinkedIn @shubham-bhatt.

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