LinkedIn for Authors – Strategies to Build Brand & Sell Books

LinkedIn has been here for over a decade but it’s only in the last couple of years people started noticing it and leveraging it to connect with professionals in the industry.

Earlier, people used LinkedIn only as an online resume or a job searching platform but things have changed, and now it is a professional networking platform with over 500 million users.

The best part is that LinkedIn is the only social networking platform where people love to read and share their opinions on different aspects of business or entrepreneurship.

This is why if you’re an author, LinkedIn can be an ideal platform to include in your digital marketing strategy.

So, what are the best strategies that authors can adapt to leverage LinkedIn to market their books?

1. Build a credible Personal brand.

First things first, in the 21st century when every other person claims to be an author, you have to build your personal brand to stand out and build credibility with readers.

There are many books already been written and published on a similar topic and if you want people to read your book among others, you must have to build authority in the industry so that the readers prefer you over others.

2. Build connections and relationships.

As an author, you know the importance of having an audience filled with people who know and admire you. These are the people who will spread the word and will help you build a genuine follower base.

And this is where you can leverage LinkedIn to expand your network among some of the influential people in the business world. So, connect and build a genuine relationship with them and share your work.

3. Repurpose your book content.

On LinkedIn, you can share a different type of content including long-form articles. You can repurpose the content of your book in creative ways by which your followers can get an idea about the content of your book. For example, you can –

  • Share short text posts. In such posts, you can talk about the book, and your experience and even sharing a snippet from the book is a good idea.
  • Publish articles. You must have learned some facts during the research that you might not have included in your book, you can use such research content to publish articles on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Book Promotion using Article
  • Share free samples of your book. LinkedIn allows you to share files in posts that you can leverage to share the free samples of your book.
  • Create images and videos. Presenting your message or information from the book in a creative way using graphics or videos can help you attract more attention than any other form of post.
LInkedIn Book promotion video

4. Share your thoughts and opinions.

Being an author, you must have your own opinion on things you are interested in and going around you.

You can leverage the platform to express your thoughts while ensuring that your message is being heard by people and creating an impact.

This way you can build your authority as a thought leader which will give a boost to your brand and books.

5. Share user-generated content.

51% of millennials are more likely to read a book if they have heard about it from other readers or people they follow and admire.

User-generated content like pictures, videos, ratings, and reviews can be leveraged to show the reaction of people reading your book. This will give them a reason to read.

user-generated content on LinkedIn

So, take a step ahead and share content generated by your readers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even on LinkedIn. You can also share reviews and testimonials from your best readers.

Also, here are a few hand-picked articles that you must read to leverage LinkedIn in the best possible ways-

Now, if you haven’t published your book yet, this is the best time to start building your presence on LinkedIn, among your most potential readers. And if you’ve already published your book, it isn’t too late yet to follow the above-mentioned strategies to market your book.

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